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Application Field




The ore grinding media usually comes out with the steel grinding ball and steel
grinding rod. Its quality is the decisive factor affecting the operating cost of
the mineral processing plant.
1. Generally, the steel consumption (ore grinding media and lining plate) and
the dynamic electricity occupy a large proportion in the whole production and
operating cost of the mineral processing plant by 50% to 70%.
2. The top-quality steel grinding ball is beneficial to the improvement of the
production efficiency (output) of the grinding mill effectively. Thus, the
production cost can be decreased.
3. As the outstanding leaders in the aspects of resource economizing, carbon
emission reduction and green management of the mine, the world renowned mining
companies such as the Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Minmetals, CITIC Pacific Sino
Iron project in Australia, Shougang Hierro Peru S.A.A, Codelco, Vale of Brazil,
and McMoRan Copper and Gold, are all the users of forged steel grinding balls.
We can supply different steel grinding balls in line with different mines and
diversified needs of the mineral processing plant. With strong R&D team and our
own patent on product research and development available, we have developed the
wear resistant steel grinding balls with the diameter ranging from 20mm to 140mm
to fit for gold ore, silver ore, copper ore, iron ore, etc. Those products get
extensive promotion and application in actual mining industry, and help the
customers attain remarkable economic benefits by saving a lot of procurement
cost and largely boosting the production output.
We are capable of providing the most appropriate steel grinding balls for
customers. If customers need to know more detailed information, please contact
to consult our business personnel.


elecetric power plant



The consumption of the steel grinding ball makes up the bulk of the operating
cost in the electric power plant. It is very meaningful of how to find a way to
reduce the cost and improve the efficiency. Our company has researched and
developed a series of steel grinding ball which is much more durable and wear
resistant than the traditional steel ball. The product plays a more active and
effective role in cost saving.
Our company has a strong R&D team. We have our own patent on product research
and development. Meanwhile, we are capable of providing full range of the
products. In comparison with the similar products, our products enjoy much
higher overall performance price ratio. Moreover, we can fully consider the
working conditions and the actual requirements of the users to impact force and
corrosion resistance to manufacture the most appropriate premium steel grinding
balls with high hardness, high strength, low wear and strong corrosion
resistance for the users.
If you have any needs or purchasing intention, please contact us without

Cement plant



The power consumption and steel consumption of the ball grinding mill occupy a
rather high cost ratio in the production and processing process of a cement
plant. The hardness, breakage rate and the corrosion resistance of the steel
grinding ball affect the production cost and efficiency of the ball grinding
As a professional steel grinding ball supplier with a strong R&D team, we have
our own patent on product research and development. Our product is available
with complete specifications and varieties, and also the much higher performance
price ratio than other similar products.
According to the working conditions of the cement plant and the users' actual
requirement to the impact force and corrosion resistance, we can manufacture the
high-hardness high-strength low-wear and wear resistant superior steel grinding
ball which is suitable for users' needs most. Please contact us for getting more
detailed information.


chemical other industrise



We can according to the material to be ground provide the most appropriate wear
resistant steel grinding ball to enhance the production efficiency of the ball
grinding mill, and debase the production cost. Also available is the wear
resistant steel grinding rod.
Our steel balls and steel rods are ideal grinding mediums for ball mills and rod
mills which are regularly used in aluminum, coal, and phosphorus chemical
industries. In addition, they are also found in many other industries. For
instance, our steel grinding balls are also widely used in large mines, thermal
power plants, cement plants, and more. Our steel grinding rods are additionally
suitable for cement plant, power plant, mining industry, quartz sand plant,
silica sand plant, sand aerated industry, gas concrete factories, etc.
We can manufacture forged steel balls with the diameter range of 20mm to 150mm,
and the product of high chromium type, medium chromium type and low chromium
type with the diameter ranging from 17mm to 120mm. Our steel grinding ball is
fabricated with precise dimension, high roundness, high hardness and good
mechanical properties, as well as the excellent exceptional quality of wear
resistance, no deformation and no cracking. It is well received by the customers
at home and abroad.




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